Medical Simulation

State of the art centers for immersive, experiential learning

Medical simulation provides a bridge between a students’ classroom learning and their real-life clinical experience. Fulfilling the educational and business objectives of simulation requires a combination of role play, a realistic full-mission environment , and perhaps most important, unrivaled AV technology solutions.

The difference between an effective and ineffective simulation center design begins with the marriage of human interaction and technology. In addition, medical simulation has become, in relative, terms, a cost-effective tool in reducing the prohibitively high cost of providing medical education. DSG’s breadth of experience—their 360-degree understanding of healthcare systems, work flow, FDA, JCAHO and AHIMA regulation, as well as specific medical and nursing school education objectives, aligns them with the greatest predictors of value and utility for successful medical simulation centers.

Simulation provides exceptional team-teaching tools in healthcare education. DSG has the depth and breadth of knowledge that goes with building dozens of simulation spaces. These spaces deploy continuum of care simulation in exam rooms, operating rooms, pre-hospital transport, emergency rooms, labor & delivery rooms, ICUs, and telemedicine training rooms. Video, audio, and patient monitoring sources digitally capture students’ work, which is played back to them for debriefing, where learning is galvanized.