Clinical Spaces

Audiovisual technology in the healthcare environment

Whether we speak to a CIO, CTO, CFO or Chief of Surgery, we help clients make sense of the rapidly evolving and complex world of audiovisual technology in the healthcare environment.

There are details and nuances to clinical workflows that must be addressed for the design to suit the overall objectives for the space. Qualified, experienced design consultants in this field understand these processes and can provide the flexibility that is paramount to efficient, elegant solutions.

Clients find that our extensive knowledge of medical equipment and clinical services is ideally suited to planning new healthcare facilities. At the planning stage, we can help break through the complexities of designing audiovisual systems. At the project level, we ensure the smooth transition of organizational requirements into viable, high-performance audiovisual solutions.

By engineering innovative audiovisual solutions into everyday workflow, hospitals increase patient satisfaction, improve quality of care, expand their market share and maximize operational efficiencies, serving their business objectives. As evolving technologies offer powerful capabilities for healthcare, DSG can be counted on to be a trusted technology advisor.