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Case Study (2)

UCSF Teaching and Learning Center Uses Superior Audiovisual Design from Drake Systems Group

  • Project:
    UCSF Teaching and Learning Center
    San Francisco, California
  • Construction budget:
    $20 million
UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center UCSF Teaching and Learning Center
Photography ©mikkipiper

Planners of a new medical simulation center at the University of California, San Francisco’s ultra-modern Teaching and Learning Center worked closely with Drake Systems Group, Inc. (DSG) to design a state of the art audiovisual system. Medical students use the technology to practice saving lives without risk to actual patients.

The ambitious 22,000-plus square-foot center, which opened on Jan. 18, 2011, uses immersive, experiential simulation to provide exceptional team-teaching tools in healthcare education. The project includes 12 exam rooms, two simulation rooms that can be configured as operating rooms, emergency rooms, labor & delivery rooms, or ICUs, and four telemedicine training rooms. Cameras and microphones digitally record students’ work, which is played back to them in HD for debriefing.

Architects and planners, with input from faculty and end users, relied on DSG for advice on design specifications, product selections, and workflow scenarios. The company also provided objective advice on future advances in telemedicine and medical education technology.

DSG developed several notable innovations for the center:

  • Thermal-imaging cameras record lights-out disaster scenarios
  • An iPad is outside each exam room to aid in scheduling and provide tutorial videos for waiting students
  • Web-based control access was created for cameras and other A/V elements
  • High-definition cameras enable close observation of facial features and emotions of students as they work
  • Continuum of Care: Audiovisual design allows students to rehearse patient transfers from one clinical area to the next; for instance, from the Emergency Room to an Operating Room

Applying their extensive knowledge, DSG experts successfully met the challenge of designing A/V systems for the Teaching and Learning Center and developed important innovations to help the center adapt to future changes that are sure to come.

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