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“ Working with Drake Systems Group is a true relationship - they really partner; they have a depth of understanding of buildings, user needs, staff needs, and higher-level physician needs. Their experience adds depth to every discussion. They also communicate appropriately and accordingly for each unique audience.”

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Whether we speak to a CIO, CTO, CFO or Chief of Surgery, we help clients make sense of the rapidly evolving and complex world of audiovisual technology in the healthcare environment.

Clients find that our extensive knowledge of medical equipment and clinical services is ideally suited to planning new healthcare facilities. At the planning stage, we can help break through the complexities of designing audiovisual systems. At the project level, we ensure the smooth transition of organizational requirements into viable, high-performance audiovisual solutions.

At every stage of our engagement, our brand-neutral recommendations enable our clients to make informed decisions about the cost, performance, and quality of individual components. We create clarity and help our clients focus on relevant issues by challenging assumptions and conventional wisdom. By sharing best practices. And by asking questions that no one else is likely to ask. Our goal is to add value to the conversation and simplify the task of planning and designing flexible audiovisual systems for virtually every area of a medical center.

Our dynamic range of collaborative advisory services evolves as a project progresses to completion, and can be applied to:

  • audiovisual technologies
  • telemedicine and multimedia networks
  • telecommunications
  • acoustics
  • lighting
  • medical simulation systems
  • HIPAA resource

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