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“ I know that when Drake Systems Group is here, they take care of everything. I don't have to worry about tracking them down; they have a great work ethic and just get it done. They are not like most consultants and most contractors. They're about getting the job done right in the best possible way. I have no worries when I work with them. It's like bringing in a trusted advisor - they even send status reports without asking. They are very good with customers. They know how do deal with a variety of people, including difficult people.”

Kaiser Permanente
Senior Project Manager, National Facilities Services

About Us

Building trusted client partnerships

About Us

Drake Systems Group, Inc. is an independent advisory firm dedicated to planning and designing audiovisual communication systems for the healthcare industry. We work with architects and healthcare professionals to help translate their strategic vision into functional, cost-effective systems. Clients rely on us to provide objective advice and realize the promise of future technologies.

Formed in 2003, Drake Systems Group (DSG) is staffed by professionals with core expertise in audiovisual healthcare technologies. We apply these skills with a broad knowledge and understanding of the architectural, engineering, and construction industries. DSG designs for both clinical and non-clinical medical environments, including operating rooms, simulation centers, conference rooms, auditoriums and more.

We offer a dynamic range of advisory services that evolves as your project progresses to completion. We are also brand-neutral when it comes to designing audiovisual systems. So when you become a client, we become your advocate for best-in-class technologies.

Clients value our:

  • Deep knowledge.  We invest the time to understand your business and share best practices.
  • Objectivity.  We offer straightforward, unbiased advice.
  • Perspective.  We maintain a broad view without losing touch with the details.
  • Judgment.  We give you the confidence to make informed decisions.

We set our clients on the path to achieving their objectives by envisioning long-term needs and embracing future technologies. At DSG, we do more than supply solutions, we enable them. By helping clients understand the complexities of audiovisual technologies, we simplify the process of planning, designing, and implementing systems.

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